God Bless America

God Bless America

We are a Country who has a dysfunctional government that cares zilch for its citizens.
We market our alcohol for sales and put it in every Alcoholic‘s face.
We are zapped with scams from the actual companies that have out sourced their business to other countries.
Now they want to legalize marijuana.
So to sum this up:
We are a drunken, drug induced Country with a government that markets themselves for money and who pays other countries to scam us daily.
But we’re free! Or are we? 

I know we are a Nation with a broken heart.



Ma Rainey

“If you don’t like my ocean don’t fish in my sea Stay out of my valley and let my mountain be.”

―Ma Rainey

“You ll never miss the sunshine till the rain begin to fall Never miss the sunshine till the rain begin to fall You’ll never miss your hay till another mule be in your stall.”
―Ma Rainey

The mother of Blues knew how to say it!

Strong Message to Myself

I, as anyone does, have the potential to reap great success now. I have all the self-discipline and focus I need to move forward.

If I find myself confronted by any outside distractions, I will just re-affirm my commitment to my goals and
continue to stay focused on making progress.

I feel I have the strength of a warrior now, so I will make the most of it! I choose to be the warrior and NOT the victim.

I cannot stand those that see others as weak and able to be manipulated. I will continue to think with my head as well as my heart and trust that the combination of the two will be all that justice will need to prevail.

Evenfall Play

Evenfall Play

The sun sets in glorious reds
Sounds of dusk come alive
So noisy the silence is deafening
The darkness exudes a grand cover
Unless the spotlight of the firefly
Reveals what is camouflaged
Where do the butterflies hide at night?
Dew falls from the sky of purple
Leaving washed the folded leaves
Secreting gardens of the day
Awaiting in moonlit beams
Hung in a sky of spectral color
What’s behind the star tips?
Calming but redoubtable
Souls benighted by the twilight
Depart behind illuminated windows
Not envying the nightly orchestra
Under clouds moving beyond the horizon
Unfolding mysteries with the gloaming









Published in:

Rooted In Verse, Series 1, Vol 1 – by Doni Gleaton
December 2002 Issue Skyline Literary magazine
December 2002 Issue Skyline/A Hudson View Poetry Digest

See it at: http://donijade.tripod.com/index.html

Cradling Thoughts

Cradling Thoughts

Rock me in the moment
Where memories collide
With illusions tranquil
And forgiven minutes hide
Transgress through seconds
Like a babbling brook
To visualize totally
The paths I took
Rock me in the moment
When all is laid bare
Bring forth out of limbo
Remembrances of rare
Lounge through reflections
Of my heart’s subdues
Surround me with a lullaby
Before they transfuse
Rock me in the moment
Before reality sets in
Where hours, minutes, seconds
Are forgotten again?

Published in: November 2002 Issue Skyline/A Hudson View Poetry Digest & November 2002 Issue Skyline Literary Magazine – Rooted in Verse, Series 1, Vol 3 and Pocket Proof.
See it at: http://donijade.tripod.com/index.html